5 ways to spread positive energy.


Some days, we feel amazing. These are the days when joy and happiness and euphoria radiate off our bods like heat off sizzling asphalt.

Those days, our good feels are effortlessly contagious. We rub off on everyone around us.

Then there are other days. Days we feel totally crushed by the weight of the world and unjustifiably angsty. On those days, “spreading positive energy” sounds about as likely as Tinkerbell popping in with a sackful of pixie dust.

But have faith — in Tinkerbell and in yourself. Because even if you’re not feeling it, you can still bring some good juju into your world. There’s a lot to be said for fake it ’till you make it. And helping other people feel happier is a surefire way for you to follow in their footsteps. Happiness is contagious (as is its opposite).

So here are 5 easy ways to spread positive energy:

5. Smile. A lot.
Smile at everyone, even if they’re not smiling back. Hell, even if they look furious. SMILE. Smiles are way more powerful than we realize (way more contagious than yawns). If someone caught you on camera (which, let’s be honest, is pretty likely in the age of Instagram), isn’t a smile better than a scowl? Or RBF?

4. Say hello to strangers.
Don’t let people pass by without a “Good morning”, “How are you?”, “What’s your favorite color?” Whatever pleasantry you prefer. Just greet strangers as they go by. Some may ignore you, and that’s ok. But most won’t. Most will be pleasantly surprised you bothered to acknowledge their existence.

3. Yield. In traffic.
I know, I know, you’re in a hurry. Who has time for courtesy when you were due at work/the hair salon/Starbucks/(fill in the blank) ten minutes ago? YOU DO. We all do. We lose a few seconds, max, when we let someone in or yield to a bicyclist. And frankly, how you treat people in traffic is pretty telling — driving tends to bring out the worst in us. But be courteous, even when other people aren’t. You could spark a movement.

2. Talk to someone in line.
Many of us, when we’re waiting on line at Starbucks or Subway or the DMV, stand silently. We pretend we’re alone. We ignore the other humans standing right beside us, which is pretty weird, if nothing else. Talk to these humans. Start a conversation. Ask about their mayonnaise preferences — whatever. You could make a new friend. WHO KNOWS.

1. Give a compliment.
Genuine, heartfelt compliments can work wonders. Ever have a stranger tell you you have lovely eyes? Or a killer fashion sense? Or an amazing smile? I’m betting you never forgot it. Find things to compliment about the people you encounter, and you could make their month. Not just strangers, either: co-workers, children, your spouse. Look for their best qualities, and you’ll find them.

Any other easy ways to spread positive energy you’d like to share? Tell me all about ’em in the comments. <3

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  1. Ali says:

    Great tips !! Id like to try starting conversation to strangers but it’s challenging for me.

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