5 stories that will make you believe in humanity all over again.

I believe in humanity. I think humans are, by their very nature, compassionate, loving, empathetic and kind. I think we pop out of our moms glowing with all the goodness in the world.

Sadly, people lose their way. Lots of people lose their way. Their hearts get broken. They get hurt, abused and beat down.  So they beat back. And that’s why ugliness exists. It’s just broken people trying to break others so they don’t feel so alone.

But whether we’ve just watched the evening news, had a run in with a rude driver or read some repulsive Gawker story about a dude who maimed his dog, there are days when it feels harder than others to shower love on your fellow man. Or yourself, for that matter.

So here are five stories that will restore your faith. Because cynicism and happiness cannot co-exist. And people deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Roommates Return Money Found in Thrift Store Couch
Woman Shows Incredible Mercy as Son’s Killer Moves in Next Door
Lonely Man Asks Someone to Spend Christmas with Him; Everyone Responds
Rwandan Woman Forgave Man Who Murdered Her Baby

Animal Rescuers Reunite Grieving Goat and Burro BFF



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