5 things to be happy about right this minute.

You’re breathing. Your breath is rushing in and out, no effort required on your part. It’s fueling your bod — inflating those lungs, pumping oxygen to your blood, feeding every extremity. O2 in, CO2 out. And you don’t have to do jack. Pretty miraculous, right?

The sun is shining. Or, if you’re reading this at night, the burning ball of incandescent plasma is taking her well-deserved evening hiatus. But either way, that giant celestial body keeps the world afloat for us — she makes the plants grow, she warms the atmosphere, she shines down on your smiling (or frowning) face. What’s more awe-inspiring than that?

Someone loves you. Regards of your circumstances, you love someone, and someone loves you. Even if that someone is your pet cat or a long-lost boyfriend or yourself (the most important someone of all!), there’s love in you, for you, surrounding you. You are loved.

You have a purpose on this planet. If you weren’t supposed to be here, you wouldn’t be. You’re an utterly unique creation of the universe and there will never be another you. How ridiculously awesome is that? Can I just bow in reverence to how totally amazing you are?

There are endless possibilities ahead. We tend to get so caught up in routine and familiarity that we forget the vastness of our options and potentialities. Our next minute or day or year could bring unexpected miracles, sweet surprises, glorious experiences beyond our wildest dreams! The world is wonderfully unpredictable. Never forget that infinite possibilities exist, always.

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