5 thoughts that will make you feel happier right now.

Our thoughts are everything. We walk around with them all day, every day. They bang around in our brains like a little kid with pots and pans. They chatter away while we’re eating, exercising, working, playing. They never leave us. In essence, they dictate our entire life experience — and that can be a rough existence if you’ve got bullies ruling your roost.

See also: Depression is a mean girl.

The good news is, you can change your thoughts. So even if you’re desperately struggling with a neverending loop of negativity as persistent as The Song That Doesn’t End (except way more miserable), you can ALWAYS reach for a better thought in any given moment. Here are five that consistently improve my mood. Hope they do the same for you.

Some of the best moments in your life are yet to come.
I would argue that almost ALL of the best moments are yet to come, since I think life gets better all the time, but I digress. Start small and remember that this moment and all the moments to come hold unimaginable wonders and surprises.

You’re on your own path.
This is a lovely one to snap you out of obsessive self-comparisons. So maybe you don’t have the bod of Jennifer Lawrence or the bank account of Bill Gates, but you have many, many things that are uniquely yours. You’re on your own path and you’re on it for a reason, even when it’s a little rockier than you’d like. Wonderful things are on their way, and comparisons will get you nowhere.

If you weren’t meant to be here, you wouldn’t be.
Seriously, have you ever thought about what it takes to bring one person into being? Call it a coincidence and I’ll call you crazy. From crossing the finish line as a winning sperm to nine months of embryo survival skills to making it through the perils of childhood, it’s no random accident that you made it this far. You are a totally unique human with a singular perspective. There will never be another you, and that’s no fluke. So remember that there’s a purpose for your existence, even when it feels like it’s just to binge on Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter and Game of Thrones episodes.

You can control how you feel.
It might not seem so (particularly when you’re stewing about a perceived hurt levied against you by someone else), but trust me — you do. You’re the only one who reigns supreme over your emotional reactions. And finding an inner peace amidst external hubbub is the most important thing you’ll ever accomplish. ‘Cuz you most definitely can’t control how other people feel or act or think. Best to do the work on your end. But isn’t that totally empowering?

The universe is indescribably vast, and you’re a piece of it.
This thought could go one of two ways. Opt for the pessimistic perspective, and you could see yourself as an insignificant grain of sand on an infinite beach. Alternatively, you could recognize your unique and unparalleled part in the wise and intricate web of creation. Seriously, you’re a thread in the massive tapestry of all that is. How awesome is that?

Plus, remembering that the nature of the universe is boundless and unimaginably diverse and totally inexhaustible might keep you from worrying about next week’s dentist appointment or the weird tone in your BF’s last text message. There’s a bigger picture, and the small stuff ain’t worth sweating. Watch the video above and remember that your existence — along with the whole of the cosmos — is an absolute miracle.


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