About This Site

Hannah Gets Happy is all about doing your life, your way. Seeking your own utterly unique brand of happiness.  Finding self-love and even more importantly, self-compassion.

Put simply, here’s my code:

Go your own way.
Do what makes you happy.
Don’t adopt other people’s beliefs, expectations or opinions.
Don’t listen to the mass media. They lie.
Move your body.
Embrace nature and see the world.
Sunshine and fresh air cure many ills.
Cherish and respect all living things.
Seek to evolve.
Step outside your comfort zone.
Remember that everything is connected and everything comes full circle.
See that there are no coincidences.
Create your own reality. You do anyway, so do it intentionally.
Love the universe. It wants to support you.
And above all else, remember: HAPPINESS IS AN INSIDE JOB.

This is a happiness blog, so it’s all about positivity, good vibes and stuff meant to make you smile. With rare exceptions.

More about me here. And you can contact me here.