50 reasons why being vegan makes me happy.


Veganism is a lifestyle choice that tends to engender a lot of misunderstandings. Plenty of people think it involves way more deprivation, sacrifice and, well, lettuce, than it actually does.

The truth is, making the decision to go vegan is one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s been nearly a year, and I’ve never felt better. Veganism has been easier, more delicious and way more fun than I ever imagined possible. Yes, I get enough protein, and no, I don’t survive on celery and tofu.

With that being said (and in the hopes of squashing some misconceptions), here are 101 reasons why being vegan makes me happy:

50. No animals are harmed on my account. That’s the best feeling ever.
49. Delicious new vegan products are released on the daily. Trying them makes me feel like a kid on Christmas.
48. It’s like being part of a cruelty-free club.
47. I’m advancing the cause of kindness — towards people and animals alike.
46. I no longer feel like a hypocrite when I awwwwwwww over a picture of a baby cow or cuddly chicken.
45. Just Mayo.
44. I’m in the company of a lot of amazing human beings and activists.
43. Chris P. Bacon.
42. I’ve never felt better.
41. Someday, humanity will be totally horrified at the way we treated our animal friends — and I think that day is coming sooner than later. I feel good about being on the right side of history.
40. VegNews magazine.
39. I’m helping to heal the planet.
38. No baby chicks are getting ground up (seriously, that’s a thing) so I can eat eggs.
37. I’m treating my body with lots of TLC.
36.  Esther the Wonder Pig.
35. I’m way less likely to get heart disease, Diabetes or most of the other chronic, preventable illnesses.
34. So Delicious CocoWhip.
33. I live my values. I don’t talk about loving animals, then passively participate in their murder. I live compassion through my choices.
32. If I have to throw away any food (I try not to!), at least nothing died unnecessarily.
31. Animal agriculture produces more climate change gases than every car, boat, bus, truck, motorcycle and airplane on the planet, combined. I’m not contributing to that.
30. Vegan recipes on Pinterest. So. Many. Choices.
29. I get my proteins from healthy places. Plants. Yes, plants have proteins: complete proteins.
28. My dogs are healthier since they went vegan with me. Seriously. You should see their shiny fur!
27. I’m not sacrificing the happiness or well-being of other animals (or humans — do you know what life is like for factory farm workers?) for the sake of my appetite.
26. I’m doing my part to make the world a better place. I feel like my life has meaning, and that’s hugely conducive to happiness.
25. 1,776 animals are killed for food every second of every day. But every vegan saves more than 100 animals per year. I’m making a dent.
24. Cooking is about a billion times more fun when there are no animal products involved.
23. Prissy and Pop. 
22. Field Roast grain meats.
21. Animal sanctuaries feel like my second home.
20. I’m not eating residual feces, blood, antibiotics or growth hormones. Gross, I know, but when beef is for dinner, so is all that yucky stuff.
19. Cholesterol isn’t even a thing for me.
18. Happy cows.
17.  I’m BFFs with Joaquin Phoenix. Ok … maybe not, but we’re in the same club (see #48).
16. Pigs = dogs = chickens = cats = cows. And they’re all
15. Gardein.
14. Turkey Appreciation Day > Thanksgiving.
13. I’m not eating ground-up animal hooves without even realizing it (gelatin).
12. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2. A vegan movie if there ever was one.
11. Seed Food & Wine Festival. Nom nom nom.
10. This chicken that likes to give hugs.
9. I’ve been exposed to and inspired by amazing vegan entrepreneurs like Josh Tetrick, Ethan Brown and Brendan Brazier.
8. It keeps me believing that human beings are good and kind and compassionate at their very core.
7. Sublime.
6. By writing about veganism, I’m helping raise awareness about where our food comes from. When enough people figure out that what we’re doing is completely unsustainable (and cruel), our system will start to change.
5. Atlas Meat-Free Deli.
4. Plants are amazing, and I never realized just HOW amazing before I went vegan. Did you know there are five different classifications for lettuces, hempseed has a whopping 10 grams of protein per two tablespoon serving and jackfruit tastes like Juicy Fruit gum?
3. Starbucks Soy Peppermint Mochas.
2. I’ve helped to influence other people in a positive way, just via leading by example. No browbeating, judging or attacking involved.
1. I’m spiritually, mentally and physically healthy, and veganism is a huge part of that.

There are way more than 50 btw, but I know attention spans are short. Hopefully these will tide you over. 😉

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