Call a cease fire in the war against yourself.

Wars are bad.

So why would we willingly enlist, particularly when the enemy is ourselves?

Too many of us are knee-deep in bloodshed. We’re armed to the teeth, waging a lifelong battle with no winners.

A war against ourselves leaves a trail of devastation in its wake: self-destructive behavior, imploding relationships, lost opportunities.

I know this war well. I was all in, once.

I’d go to bed tearing myself apart about the stupid things I did or didn’t do that day; I’d wake up hating on my weight and hair and skin. It never ended.

But I waved the white flag, and you should, too.

It’s time to call a cease fire in the war against yourself. You’ll never be happy if you’re embroiled in vicious attacks against the most important person in your life: YOU.

For happiness to flourish and thrive and grow, it has to be planted in peace.

Many of us have spent a lifetime beating ourselves unto bloody pulps; violently attacking our weaknesses, believing that berating ourselves will make us better.

Well has it?

If the answer is no, haven’t you been waging this war long enough?

Lay down your arms; wave the white flag; surrender unconditionally. It’s truce time.

‘Cuz as Edwin Starr once wisely asked — “war, what is it good for?!”

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