Change your beliefs, change your life

Beliefs are just thoughts we’ve had over and over and over and OVER. Many of them are hand-me-downs; old, exhausted paradigms passed on from our parents and relatives and popular culture. Some fairly common ones our society shares include:

  • There’s not enough of (blank) to go around.
  • Money is hard to get your hands on.
  • Only thin, beautiful people deserve love.
  • Getting older is awful.

These beliefs are nothing but bullshit, yet many of us buy into them.

Personally, I carry around a whole host of beliefs (including some of the above) that are utter nonsense. Intellectually, I know they’re nonsense. I don’t agree with them and as an adult, I’d never willingly sign up to support them. Unfortunately, they got under my skin as an impressionable kid and WON’T. LET. GO. Despite my best efforts, I’m still brainwashed.

Science has shown us that our thoughts have real power over our bodies, minds and lives. Since beliefs are just supercharged thoughts, they’re even more influential. And sadly, the negative ones are often what stands in the way of us and the life we long to live.

When we believe we don’t deserve love, we won’t get it. The same goes for money and joy and so many other wonderful, worthwhile aspects of the human experience—of which we’re ALL deserving.

The key is, change the beliefs and we change our lives.

But HOW? How can we stop the incessant chatter of crap we’ve been carrying around forever and a day?

I’m no expert, since much of my baggage is still in the cargo hold. I do know, however, that it’s an ongoing effort. I know it takes daily practice and determination and wildly hard work to change the thoughts that feel like they’re part of us. If a voice has been telling you the same thing, dozens of times a day, for 20 years—it takes time (sometimes a lot of time) to get that voice to change its tune.

Time, practice, patience; day in, day out. If we keep talking back to our tiresome, worn out thoughts … eventually they’ll transform into shiny new ones. With shiny new thoughts come shiny new beliefs, and that’s when a bright new world awaits us.

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  1. Sherisse says:

    Another wonderful post, Hannah. As always, it comes in handy. 🙂

    By the way, I get the impression (actually, I think I read it somewhere, lol) that you also live in Miami. If so: woohoo for Miami residents! 😀

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