Choose Compassion: Pigs Are People Too

Meet Chris P. Bacon. Chris is a six-month-old pot bellied pig. His favorite foods are Cheerios and sliced green grapes; his least favorite, carrots and celery. He loves air conditioning, rubbing his belly in the grass and watching TV with his adopted older brother. His best friends are a stuffed duck named Doinks and a dog named Aspen. He’s stubborn, affectionate, curious and vocal. And he loves to give wet piggie kisses.

Chris was born with malformed back legs, and when his then-owner tearfully brought him in for euthanasia, veterinarian Dr. Len Lucero took the wee pig home instead. This act of compassion (and some adorable YouTube videos) sparked a worldwide flood of warmth and goodwill, and Chris earned tens of thousands of fans across the globe, all rooting for the little pig on wheels.

Meet Chris face to snout, and it’s clear he’s a distinct individual. He thinks and feels and has preferences and personality quirks like any dog, cat or human being. But Chris is a pig, and in our world, that means he and others like him are primarily for eating.

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Chris P and his buddies.

Chris P and his buddies.

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