Deepak Chopra’s 7 pillars for an awesome life.

So yesterday I popped into Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend, which brought all things O to downtown Miami.

Thousands of ladies (mostly) who worship at the altar of O turned out for sage spiritual advice (and #oprahselfies).

I love Oprah, of course, but I’m even more enamored with Deepak Chopra, whose hypnotic voice and zen presence always feel like lifelines in this loud and overwhelming world. He’s absolutely been an influence on my road to happiness.

Before leading us through a meditation yesterday morning (I’m a HUGE fan of the 21-day meditation series he and Oprah do, so hearing one live was everything I’d dreamed), he talked about seven principles for an awesome life (note: awesome is my word, not his).

Here they are for your enjoyment, because the wisdom of Deepak is deep, indeed:

7. See the world as a reflection of your inner state.
Choose love over fear, always.

6. Understand the essence of relationships.
All relationships are divine — all stem from the soul level, and the people in our lives share our journey for a purpose.

5. Make sure your intentions are not only for yourself, but also for the common good.
Stay focused exclusively on self, and you’re in for a miserly life.

4. Learn to center yourself in your true self/soul, beyond the ego. 
Find the gap between your thoughts through meditation. That gap is who you really are — pure awareness, uncontaminated presence.

3. Free yourself from emotional toxicity — hostility, resentments, jealousy, guilt, shame and fear. 
Sometimes, releasing resentments can take a lifetime, but that’s what we’re here to do. As Deepak quipped, fruit takes a long time to ripen, but once it does, it drops immediately.

2. Embrace the masculine and feminine in your own being.
We all need both the yin and yang to be our best selves. Strength and nurture; fortitude and compassion — they make a hell of a team.

1. Keep yourself healthy.
Cultivate both a joyful, energetic body and a loving, compassionate heart.

And, one last gem that stuck with me: “If you’re present now, you will have the time to do everything you want to do.”

Amen to that. Deepak Chopra knows his stuff.


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