‘I don’t have time to work out.’

Here’s what I think people mean when they say they don’t have time to work out: “I don’t have time to torture myself doing burpees and squats and lunges surrounded by grunting, sweaty people while EDM assaults my ears” (though I have nothing against burpees and squats and lunges — #BURPEES4LYFE).

However, if YOU really, truly, totally hate those things — or you hate running or Crossfit or boot camp or climbing stairs or yoga or any other exercise that you THINK you’re supposed to be doing, just don’t do it. Period. Life is too short to do stuff we hate.

We find time in our lives for the things that matter. Torturous, ass-kicking, drill sergeant-inspired exercises might matter to us for awhile, ‘cuz we’re convinced that’s the only way we’ll ever look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (on a side note — there’s only one person who’s supposed to look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and that’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley).

But that won’t work forever, because miserable shit is unsustainable. To keep something going long term, you’ve gotta like it. The key is finding what you like.

Hence my conclusion: everyone has time to exercise, IF IT’S EXERCISE THEY LIKE.

Here are some things you may or may not do, that occupy time in your life:

Binge watch Game of Thrones for so long you forget to shower.
Take 16 Buzzfeed quizzes in a row. Which TV sitcom secondary character’s hairstyle are YOU?
Spend 15 minutes indecisively rotating between three different filters for before posting your Instagram photo.
Look through your ex-girlfriend’s entire Facebook photo library.
And so on.

The key is, finding exercise you like enough that you’re willing to give up some of these other, less-important activities. Because how is ten episodes of Orange Is the New Black actually adding value to your life?

If you love swimming, you’ll find a way to swim. If you love hiking in the mountains, you’ll find a way to hike. If you love climbing trees (ME!), you’ll find a way to climb trees. Where there’s a will there’s a way. And there’s time. There’s always plenty of time.

Our bodies were made to move. What we call “exercise” our ancestors called “daily life”, “work”, “staying alive.” It’s an indescribably important part of our lives as physical beings.

The good news is, exercise can be an evening walk; a morning bike ride; a hike in the hills behind your house; sex; cleaning the house; dancing in the street. ANYTHING. Do exercise you enjoy and it’ll benefit your mind, body and soul more than you know. It’s not limited to the gym. It’s whatever, however, wherever you want to move your body. And c’mon y’all: everybody’s got time for that.


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