Even Kate Upton can’t look like Kate Upton.

Kate Upton is gorgeous. Though I’ve never born physical witness to her beauty, I have no doubt she’s a stunner IRL.

However, recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition photos of her in a zero-gravity container made me cock my head like a confused canine.

The pics are altered and manipulated and contrived to the point where she looks like a Barbarella-esque alien posed into place by a team of human minions.

My question is, WTF? She’s already gorgeous — did they really need to alter her to such excess that she looks inhuman? It’s not just Photoshop at play. Clearly it’s lighting and spray-tanner and hair and makeup and all the things.┬áThe absurdity of the photos is even more apparent given the science team in the background. Obviously unaltered, they look like zombies.

Women and girls are bombarded with these damn pictures at every turn, and it’s fused into our collective consciousness that THIS is beauty.

But such an image is not attainable or realistic or legit, even for Kate Upton. If even she can’t live up to her own perceived perfection, how the hell can anyone else?

Can’t we just get real already? Together, we have to just say no to the nonsense. Instead, we need more campaigns like this one by Aerie, please.

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