Cheers to a family Christmas, however yours may look.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that “family” comes in an infinite number of variations: every size, shape, species and incarnation. Large, small, by blood, by friendship, by proximity, by interest. In my opinion, the only requirement that defines a family is the presence of LOVE.

LOVE makes a family. 

That really hits home for me this year. My parents have been divorced since I was 12, and for the first time in at least two decades, I’m spending Christmas with both of them.

Some people might find that, well, odd. But I think it’s perfect. Better yet, perfectly imperfect. We’re a family and we’ll always be a family. We all love each other, and that’s the ONLY thing that matters.

This year and every year, I want to send love and joy and peace to all the families. A family of one woman and six cats, a family of two men and three kids, a family of five best friends, a family of sixteen cousins and five aunts and six uncles and four grandparents and whatever and whoever else. Each family is unique and wonderful, just as it is, however it presents itself. I have lots of people I consider family, many far-flung, but all close my heart wherever I roam.

So this year, here’s to messy, complicated, beautiful, irreplaceable love. Here’s to broken pieces put back together. Here’s to a family Christmas and endless LOVE. May it shower down on you and your family today and every day.

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