Get happy by doing unto another.

Happiness begets happiness. Happy people make for more happy people. Like so much incense, bliss diffuses into the air and wafts its way into our collective consciousness. It’s the ultimate contagion — an asset that expands exponentially.

So, it’s to everyone’s benefit to spread the euphoria as far and wide as possible.

Because it’s catching, inspiring a little happiness in someone else can totally turn your day around. I’m not talking some grand sacrifice (I don’t really believe in sacrifice, only in joyfully inspired altruism) — I’m talking a trifle.

A thoughtful gesture can mean the world to someone else — a friend, a coworker, a total stranger. Making someone else happy, even for a moment, can up your own happiness quotient considerably.

So, if you’re feeling crappy, bummed out, pessimistic or have any other unpleasantness weighing you down like the celestial sphere atop Atlas, take your attention off yourself. Churn out some creative ideas to boost the mood of someone else — to make their life a little easier or give ’em the giggles. It could be as little as snagging a (vegan!) cupcake to perk up a colleague who got chewed out by the boss — or as big as paying someone’s mortgage who’s down on their luck. Offering a sincere and glowing compliment, buying a cup of coffee for a stranger, creating a laugh-till-you-pee inducing YouTube playlist and passing it around: happiness comes in infinite guises.

All it takes is putting some thought into the jubilation of another. It’s amazing how the littlest of actions can cause a chain reaction of cheerfulness that extends out into infinity. Who knows where your happy act might lead? One definite destination: a happier disposition for you (much more effective than a bottle of booze or an Etsy shopping spree, I promise). Guaranteed way to beat a bad mood.

I’d love to hear how y’all are bringing the happy on a daily basis (oh, and if you need additional ideas, click here). Tell me about your happy acts = make my day.


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