Happify can help you get happier, and you can win a subscription.


I write a lot about how to get happier.  Hell, helping people get happier is my mission in life, so clearly I spend a lot of time thinking about, writing on and doing stuff that relates to greater happiness and well-being — for myself, and for others! That’s why they call me Happy Hannah. LOL. #dork

My latest project, The Happy Wall, launched this past Saturday. The project has been all-consuming (but amazing!). Basically, it’s been my life for the last few months … as anyone who’s ever thrown their heart and soul into something can certainly understand. 😉 It was fantastic watching it come to fruition, thanks to the help and support of so many amazing people and organizations.

Speaking of amazing organizations, Happify is The Happy Wall’s presenting sponsor. Note: one of the key requirements I had for sponsorship was that any brand supporting the wall be totally in line with the project mission: happiness, positivity and joy. No selling out to random restaurants or irrelevant brands. It’s a nonprofit project, so there was nothing in it for me financially, I just wanted to make sure that I was staying true to my values from beginning to end.

That being said, I was especially stoked to get Happify on board. They couldn’t be more perfect as far as partners go, since they’re a website/app that helps people get happier through science-based games and activities. They are PHENOMENAL, and I highly recommend signing up ASAP. I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Even more awesome, they’ve giving away 25 one-year memberships to their Happify Plus program as part of their sponsorship of The Happy Wall. And even if you’re not in Miami (and therefore can’t come to the wall, bummer!), you can still enter!

Basically, all you have to do is write/draw your answer to the question, “What makes YOU happy?” Then, post it to Instagram or Twitter tagging @happify and using the hashtag #whatmakesmehappy. That’s it! And don’t you wanna do that anyway, just ‘cuz it’s so much fun? Everyone loves talking about, writing about, thinking about and BEING about the things that make them happy. These are the things that make life worth living — the North Stars in our life we should always be following.

Because happiness is why we’re here. <3

(You can check out Happify’s blog post about the contest here, and follow The Happy Wall on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.)




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