Happiness in the news: UK government launching wellbeing center


I’m an Anglophile. I admit it — nothing gives me the warm fuzzies like a British accent and a double-decker bus. I took my first trip to London last September and I’ve done nothing but dream about Borough Market ever since.

In a move that makes me even more proud of my English (at least partial) ancestry, the UK has announced the creation of an organization called the What Works Centre for Wellbeing. Basically, it’s a new group that will measure the impact of governmental policy changes on people’s happiness. How awesome is that?

“Two years ago the Office for National Statistics began publishing the first data on national wellbeing as part of its Integrated Household Survey. Now the Government is to set up a centre to assist Whitehall policy-makers assessing whether Government initiatives are likely to improve or diminish the happiness of those they affect and the wider society,” The Independent reported. 

They say it’ll be launched by next spring, and it’ll be led by former Cabinet Secretary Lord O’Donnell, who published a study last year identifying mental health, meaningful work, loneliness and physical environment as some of the key drivers of happiness or unhappiness that are often ignored by policy-makers. Clearly the dude has his finger on the pulse.

Nothing is more important than a population’s happiness, and it’s about time governments started taking it into consideration.

So proud of the Brits. Happiness in the news = the positive psychology movement is gaining ground every day.

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