Happiness Is an Inside Job


In our consumption-obsessed society, we’re led to believe that acquiring things and changing our external conditions will fill that great gaping hole so many of us are carrying around inside. If you don’t know what the hell kind of hole I’m talking about (it’s not an ulcer, FYI) – this post probably isn’t for you.

I get it. I understand the fixation on pretty things and pretty people and pretty circumstances. That impossibly sparkly gold sequined Coach bag my ex bought me did bring some serious joy into my life.

But c’mon – anyone with a hint of self-awareness knows (from experience, if nothing else) that the latest acquisition or accomplishment or change in appearance will bring nothing but a temporary thrill.

It can feel like a major ouch moment when you (finally) realize that nothing and nobody is going to fix your unhappiness. Feels like everyone’s been lying to you for like, forever, right?

Because despite what society leads us to believe, happiness doesn’t come from the following: an amazing boyfriend, a killer job, a momentous move, a newfound fortune, a makeover, a closet-full of adorable clothes, a beautiful home, a huge commission, an epic vacation, a gorgeous haircut, a huge wedding or a shiny new car.

Heath Ledger, Marilyn Monroe and Whitney Houston, anyone?

Happiness also doesn’t come from a talented dermatologist, a bathroom full of Mac makeup or a bod like Kate Upton’s. I promise.

So where does it come from? You. And your path to happiness is your own special little scavenger hunt of learning to find things to love about yourself, your world and your very existence.

The only way out of that unbearable hamster wheel of misery is in. You’ve got to dig down deep into the complex creation known as YOU and recognize that you’re a part of this awe-inspiring, all-intelligent, eternally-magnificent universe. Yep, YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT.

Even when your skin is broken out, your thighs feel like massive ham hocks and you’re inclined to go on an Amanda Bynes-inspired Twitter rant. I’ve been there. But it’s in those dim moments that it’s more important than ever to realize your awesomeness.

And as soon as you do – as soon as you see yourself for the incredible creation that you are – as soon as you stop looking for love and self-worth and HAPPINESS in all the wrong places – you’ll feel way better than six-pack abs or a pair Jimmy Choos could even touch. Seriously. So put down that credit card and take a walk with the most amazing person you know. YOU! Duh.

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