Nobody said happiness was easy.

Easy = boring (which explains the enduring appeal of that whole playing-hard-to-get thing). Humans rarely appreciate what’s easily won. It’s why no one cherishes a generic, catch-all achievement award — only a hard-earned trophy makes it to the spot of honor.

Let’s consider happiness. Nobody said the pursuit of it was smooth sailing — TJ just said we had a right to try and catch it. For the most part, happiness isn’t easy.

Changing the way our brain works (which, essentially, is how happiness happens) is incredibly challenging. IMO, it’s the hardest thing we can ever do. It’s like de-rusting the Tin Man with spit instead of oil. Even road warriors who’ve been on the positive path awhile can note a conspicuous lack of progress.

But chin up, loves.

Instead of being bummed out if you’re not feeling Pollyannaish just yet, think of this journey towards the better feels as a challenge. Rewiring your brain for happiness is a logic problem, Jenga bout and high-stakes poker game all in one. Your brain is a muscle to be buffed; an instrument to be tuned; a blade to be sharpened. Hell, I’ve likened the climb out of negative thought patterns to a wagon stuck in the muck — it takes major tenacity to forge that new path.

Without a doubt, getting happier requires time and effort and PATIENCE with a capital P. But as I’ve quipped many times before, happiness is worth the work.

Once you get your hands on happy, it’s a trophy you’ll treasure above all others. And you’ll have earned it.

(P.S. If you guys aren’t taking the Science of Happiness course via edX, what are you doing with your life?! Join me!)

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