The Happy Wall wants to know what makes you happy.

We all know we should “follow our passion”, “pursue our dreams”, “do what we love”. These are familiar platitudes. But what if we’re not sure what our passions, dreams or loves are?

That was me, once upon a time. I wanted to love something, to give my all to a cause, to feel like I had a calling! Now, I do. That cause is happiness. More specifically, helping people find happiness. I try to do that through this blog, through my other writings, through the way I live my life.

But recently, I decided I wanted to do MORE. It’s great to influence people via writing, but we’re humans, and we need more face-to-face connection, more interactivity — more friendship and community and fun. So I dreamed up The Happy Wall.

An art installation slash public display of happiness, The Happy Wall is a giant chalkboard creation where people are invited to answer the question, “What makes you HAPPY?”

The Happy Wall encourages ALL people — visitors and locals of all ages, interests and backgrounds — to pick up a piece of chalk and jump headfirst into a happiness movement! Draw, write, doodle — people can express their happiness however they wish.

The Happy Wall goes up in Coconut Grove, Florida (in Cocowalk!) on November 29th, and it’ll stick around until January 2nd. If you’re in the area, I’d LOVE to see your smiling face at the wall. (I’ll also be speaking at The Bookstore in the Grove on November 25th about the science of happiness, beating depression and living a joyful life, so pop in if you’re nearby!)

Oh, and even if you’re nowhere near Miami, you can post to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook using the hashtags #whatmakesmehappy and #TheHappyWall, and I’ll share your happy thoughts far and wide!

As I like to say, “Never underestimate the power of HAPPY.” <3




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