Happy world kindness day. Here are 6 easy ways to celebrate.


Today is World Kindness Day! As a girl who’s obsessed with the holidays AND the power of kindness, this morning marks a mashup between two of my fave things.

And while every day should technically be World Kindness Day (we can never have enough of that positive juju going around), it’s nice to mark a special occasion with some extra acts of good karma.

Taking the time to perform a few kind deeds today can have a ripple effect in the world at large — AND in your own life. Studies show that people who perform five random acts of kindness in one day are markedly happier. That could be you!

So, here are a few of my favorite ways to spread kindness and good cheer:

6. Pay it forward at Starbucks (or your favorite local coffee shop).
If you’re in the drive-thru, tell the barista to let the recipient of your coffee generosity know that it’s in honor of World Kindness Day — or even pass along a little card. If you’re inside the store, tell the person yourself. Faces will light up! Hearts will swell! Tears may fall!

5. Pay for someone’s meal anonymously.
If you eat out today, pick a random couple or table and pay their check on the DL. Write a little note wishing them a Happy World Kindness Day, and have the waitress drop it off. You’ll make their week. Maybe their month.

4. Skip the animal products.
Kindness can and should be extended to all living creatures, and by going plant-based for a day, you’ll be saving the lives of several of your animal friends. That’s a super easy (and healthy!) way to show your kind side.

3. Make a new friend.
One of the best and easiest ways to perpetuate kindness is to talk to strangers. Flash a grin and strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know. Everyone is eager to connect with other humans, even those who appear closed off or in their own world. Studies show that positive, unexpected interactions between strangers are highly rated on the pleasure scale (by both parties).

2. Let a car in front of you during rush hour.
No one expects kindness from a fellow driver during the mad dash to get to or from work. Everyone is irritated, rushed, honk-happy. But by letting someone in with a smile and a wave, you’ll violate their expectations and give them the warm fuzzies.

1. Help someone with something.
We’re all so busy, so strapped for time, so wrapped up in our own lives. Often, helping others is the last thing on our minds. But if we actively look for opportunities, ways to help are all around us. Many times, this assistance requires very little effort on our part, and reaps huge rewards. Help someone carry their groceries to the car, help a neighbor shovel their yard,  help a colleague with a tight deadline. The littlest gestures can mean the world to someone else. Look for ways to be of service, and you’ll find them.

Kindness can change the world, and we can start right now.

I’d love to hear about your acts of kindness today, and always! Share in the comments!


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