How to find what makes you happy.

All of us have stuff that makes our heart sing; interests and endeavors and people that light us up like American skies on the Fourth of July.

Enthusiasm and passion and excitement are messages from the universe — flashing, neon signs reminding us why we’re here.  So if something really floats your boat, you should chase it like this dog after its own tail. 

But what if we don’t feel jazzed up about, well, anything?

Lots of people feel adrift in a sea of mediocrity … locked into the trappings of a daily routine. BORED. They desperately long for a passionate pursuit, but haven’t found one.

I’ve been there. I searched and bandied about and envied others for years, thinking I was the only one without clear direction. Now I have lots of passions: writing about happiness (obviously), nature, outdoor recreation, philanthropy. But it took me awhile.

So if you’re still looking for that special something that sets your soul afire, don’t fret. You’ll find it. And it’s probably closer than you think. Here are some tips on how to find what makes you happy:

Be open.
Don’t knock ANYTHING till you’ve tried it. An open mind is a happy mind, and you’ll be amazed what you might discover about yourself if you stay open to opportunities. Maybe paddleboarding, clay-making or volunteering at a group home will be the best thing you ever did. Explore the possibilities, no matter how far fetched they seem.

Try things on.
Just like with jobs, relationships and clothes, sometimes you have to try on a lot of ill-fitting options on before you find a perfect fit. This goes for hobbies, volunteering and social activities, too. So don’t be afraid to take a lot of stuff into the dressing room. You’ll find your size, eventually.

Ditch the fear.
People often avoid doing something they’re interested in because they’re afraid they won’t be good at it. THIS IS NONSENSE. Seriously folks, perfectionism is a noose around the neck of humanity. Let go of trying to be perfect. Embrace the possibility of looking foolish. All the greatest humans have. Because who gives a f*** what anyone else thinks? You shouldn’t.

Cultivate focus.
It’s hard to know how much you enjoy something if your attention is on 1,036 other things at once. Focus is hugely important for happiness and satisfaction, so try to limit your tasking to one thing at a time. Then, you’ll get a better read on whether you might love it.

The universe listens. Seriously, it does. If you don’t think it’s answering, you’re probably paying more attention to your smartphone than to your life. Be receptive, and the answers will come.

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