If it makes you feel like s***, it’s a learning experience.

It’s Friday, so imma pat myself on the back a bit. Because if we can’t give ourselves kudos, who’s gonna? #wisdomoftheages

Here’s how I know I’ve come a long way on the path to personal growth: every shitty situation is now a learning experience. If it tears at my raw spots; makes me incredibly uncomfortable; pushes me towards self-destructive, mind-numbing behavior — in the words of the Tenth Doctor: “BRILLIANT!”

Discomfort is a chance to peel back the layers of my comfort zone and get a peek at what’s lurking underneath: my motivations; my tender spots; my areas of stunted growth. These are the things that need direct exposure to the sun, and anything that makes me feel like ass is probably pushing me out of the shade.

In the past, after a crappy night, an embarrassing mistake, a self-inflicted FAIL, I would bemoan my “luck” (FYI there’s no such thing) and attempt to forget about it ASAP. But now, I know better. These are the moments that take us from bud to bloom.

Come hell or highwater, I’m learning something from every shitty situation I encounter. There’s ALWAYS more to learn, and those negative feelings have a purpose. Isn’t that all we can hope for? If every bit of unpleasantness helps me be a better me, it was totes worth it. Remember that next time your face is flushed with shame. It just means you’re on the path to becoming a butterfly.

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