Minds Were Meant to Be Open

I love science. Particularly quantum physics, which is just mind-bogglingly awesome and basically makes my brain explode. After all, the world is full of miracles, and science is all about discovering and explaining the miraculous.

I wonder, however, why anyone would use science as a way of justifying dogmatism?

There are some who call themselves proponents of “science and reason,” then use this label as cause to ridicule anything outside the proverbial box, IE, anything they deem new-agey or metaphysical.

I get it. I mean, skepticism is healthy. No one should blindly believe. There are schemers and phonies, for sure. But there are also countless wonders that we can’t possibly hope to understand. Yet.

Not so long ago (in terms of the lifespan of the universe), human beings believed the earth was flat; disease was transmitted by smell and drilling holes in people’s heads cured mental illness. Sure, science proved all of the above wrong. But before it actually PROVED anything, someone had to make an unpopular hypothesis. Someone had to face ridicule and humiliation. Someone had to be courageous and voice a new idea.

What’s the difference between that and what happens today, when some who call themselves science-minded ridicule those who speculate that human thoughts are tangible? That the universe is multi-dimensional? That energy medicine can be just as effective as traditional medicine? Frankly, scientists should be the most open-minded of us all.

Arthur C. Clarke once wrote, “Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet.” I couldn’t agree more.

How can any of us close our minds to any possibilities when there’s so much science cannot YET explain?

The whole point of science is to ask and explore outrageous concepts and questions. There are countless mysteries to the universe and science has barely scratched the surface, obviously. Science is young. The universe is old. We still don’t have a solid explanation for the placebo effect, which is one of medicine’s most incontrovertible constants.

Don’t believe everything, but CONSIDER everything. And when it comes to things that haven’t yet been proven — listen to your intuition. As human beings, we don’t utilize our innate intelligence and wisdom nearly enough. If it resonates with you, give it a chance. If it doesn’t, move on. It’s that simple. But don’t ridicule anything that’s different, or wild, or seemingly impossible!

We didn’t come into this remarkable world, this planet that’s stuffed to the brim with different ideas, discoveries and magic — just so we could zero in on one narrow set of beliefs and close our minds to everything else. Quite the opposite, if you ask me.

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