Why now is the best time of all.

I think there’s a mental space you can occupy where you’re excited about the potential of what the future will bring, but not attached to any outcome and most definitely not living from it. Instead, you’re embracing the brilliance of the present moment — from glorious sunshine to sheets of rain to frigid winds to wild surprises in every incarnation. The world is an unpredictable and exciting place — you never know what the next moment will bring.

The now has gifts beyond what we could possibly imagine, but if we’re ignoring it for the past or the future, we’ll never get our hands on ’em. It’s like passing up a Tiffany diamond because you’re too busy bitching about your #firstworldproblems on Twitter. Put your attention elsewhere and you’ll miss everything that’s happening rightthisminute.

I’ve spent most of my life so mentally wrapped up in ridiculousness that I’ve missed countless moments. My friends call me The Sieve because memories drip like water through the slats in my consciousness.

But no more. I’ve unearthed the magic of the now, and I’ll never look back. When tempted (which happens often — this brain of mine still likes to act an unruly beast), I gently nudge myself back to mindfulness. To my feet on the floor. To my blinking eyes. To my chest’s rise and fall.

So today, when you’re ruminating about traffic or stewing about your hubby’s lack of dishwashing skills or pondering the efficacy of your face wash, just stop. BE HERE NOW. Because now is more precious and more awesome and more rife with possibility than you could ever imagine.

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