Read this if you hate your job.

Lots of people hate their jobs. LOTS OF PEOPLE. And while it’s easy to point fingers at crappy pay, crappy cubicles and even crappier management, perspective always colors how we feel about our work.

Every situation has its positives and negatives. It’s when we train our brain to see those positives first and foremost that we’re on the fast track to a happy life. Find things to love about a job you hate, and you’ve officially changed your life.

That being said, if you really truly despise your daily grind, you should probably be doing something different with your life. #justsayin

BUT, if jumping ship isn’t an immediate option, your best bet is to adjust your attitude. And there are plenty of ways to do just that.

So if you hate your job, check out this piece on how to feel better about it.

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