Do what scares you.

I live by the philosophy follow your bliss. It’s simple, really. I think the world would be a better place if people moved in the direction of their happiness. Sadly, society is set up to encourage people to do much the opposite. Many of us listen to everyone except ourselves when it comes to what we should do, be or have. We’ve come to ignore our intuition and potential happiness in favor of other people’s expectations and society’s norms. And that’s nothing but nonsense.

This is by no means a recipe for hedonism. Bliss is a wholesome, magical, glittering feeling of joy that comes from true alignment with your spirit — a far cry from addiction or overindulgence.

But this philosophy requires one qualification. There are certain activities that may not seem so blissful from the get go. IE, activities that have a cumulative benefit or a delayed gratification. For example: I’m a writer. Sometimes, I’m offered the opportunity to interview celebrities. I’m not into celebrities whatsoever, but I generally accept these opportunities. Why? Because they scare me. Interviewing celebrities tends to be nerve-wracking and intimidating and freaking SCARY. And it’s for this very reason that I accept the challenge.

Sure, the anticipation and prep don’t bring me much bliss, but once I get through it successfully, the bliss comes sailing in on a wave of relief. It’s an amazing feeling to know you can do things that scare you. Makes you feel invincible.

So do the things that scare you. Not always, not forever — but if there’s some opportunity or adventure or lifelong dream you’re shying away from because you’re shaking in your booties, that’s when you need to say YES to the universe.

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