Self-loathing is the worst. Here’s how to beat it.

If there’s one habit that’s completely counterproductive and totally self-defeating, it’s hating ourselves. We weren’t put on this gorgeous green globe to be mean and nasty to the most important person in our lives — US. To live a happy, healthy existence, we MUST learn to be kind, gentle and compassionate, just as we would be to anyone else we love.

That being said, it’s super-easy in our society to fall into the NOT GOOD ENOUGH trap. Consumerism basically survives because people believe they need to buy stuff to be better. But we can break these bad habits. We can recapture the self-reverence we had as babies and little kids.

That being said, my latest MindBodyGreen piece outlines 8 practices to help beat the cycle of self-loathing. Practice makes perfect, you guys!

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