So much goodness went on in the world today.

It’s so incredibly easy to put our attention on the negative. It’s effortless, really. Society is predisposed to a pessimistic perspective, what with the mass media and their penchant for fear mongering and sensationalism and clicks/clicks/clicks. We could, for instance, bemoan and speculate and stress over the horrific story of two 12-year-old girls who stabbed their friend because of a meme and what that means and how our society’s gone to hell in a handbasket and the ramifications of technology and OH MY GOD WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO.

We could think about that one strange, horrible, incredibly isolated incident and feel totally shitty and furious and hopeless.

Or, we could think about the uncountable quantities of itty bitty acts of kindness and consideration and love humans performed today. Babies born, animals adopted, homeless people fed, children comforted, marriages proposed, lives saved. Heroes and teachers and nurses and average people, loving and caring and giving. Good deeds in spades. This is news that goes unreported. Scratch that — it isn’t even news. It’s how we humans act, the vast majority of the time.

It takes effort to turn your attention to what’s good and kind and pleasant, especially when it’s not being streamed into your consciousness via every media outlet in existence. Worth it though. So much goodness happened today. Be happy about it. <3

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