Our own standards outrage us.

I don’t believe in body shaming of any kind. People’s bodies are their own business. However, with all the outrage re: Rachel Frederickson’s “shocking” appearance, I wanted to make a point about society’s standards.

The image on the left is a Victoria’s Secret ad I got in the mail yesterday. Those girls are widely considered our society’s ideal. So how can people possibly be shocked by Rachel’s appearance? The girl was trying to win, and she did. She achieved our society’s highest standard.

IMO, all this hubbub is missing the bigger picture. So much shaming and outrage and judgment, for what?

I say, love your body and don’t listen to what society has to say about it. When it comes to weight loss, working out or anything else, you’re the only one worth listening to. You know when you’re healthy or not, comfortable or not, happy or not. Just listen.

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