Stop looking for happiness in all the wrong places.

Here are some places and things and circumstances where you won’t find happiness:
A new relationship.
An old relationship you’re attempting to recycle.
Your bank account.
Victoria’s Secret.
The bottom of a new Coach bag.
A bigger house.
A thigh gap.
The corner office.
A super-fast sports car.
Thousands of Facebook friends.
Your own reality TV show.
A bar.
Instagram likes.
A bod like Kate Upton’s.

Sure, they may bring you fleeting pleasure. And I’m all for fleeting pleasure, as long as your life doesn’t revolve around it. But let’s be crystal clear, fleeting pleasure ≠ happiness.

Here are some are some places and things and circumstances where you will find happiness:
Inside yo’self.

Happiness is a glorious wellspring with only one source — YOU. Looking for it anywhere else is a losing battle, and one that almost everyone in our culture is collectively fighting. Why? Because we’re not taught to look for it where it lives. We’re taught that the next acquisition or accomplishment or escape is the answer; the path to that elusive joy we’re all so desperate for. But it never, ever is.

It’s tempting to stake our lives on stuff when we’re been bombarded with the archetype of consumerism: shiny, happy people with all the bells and whistles and money in the world — wearing expensive clothes, living in expensive houses, driving expensive cars. But it’s a red herring; a lie to get us to fork over our $ while living in a state of eternal dissatisfaction.

So stop looking outside yourself. Follow your heart and ignore the endless chatter of our consumer culture. Those new Manolo Blahniks aren’t the path to happiness, I assure you.

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