Stop looking for reasons to be upset.

There are so many reasons to be upset. Your next door neighbor plays music way too loud. Your morning commute is bumper to bumper every. damn. day. Ryan Gosling is dating someone. Your boss throws shade to co-workers about you. The baristas at Starbucks are always screwing up your order (and the spelling of your name). Your favorite restaurant got a new chef who’s way too stingy with the salt. You keep dropping your phone in toilets. You’re about to be a bridesmaid for the 65th time. You want a body like Jennifer Lopez. Some asshole killed his family yesterday, people suck. You never have enough money for all the stuff you want. There’s so much stuff you want.

There are so many reasons to be happy. Your next door neighbor is crazy nice. You have time to listen to Audible tomes during your morning commute. Ryan Gosling has finally (maybe) found love. Your co-workers care enough to tell you about stuff your boss says. The baristas at Starbucks are super cool about fixing your order when they get it wrong. Your favorite restaurant has a new chef who’s all about healthy eating. You’ve got amazing insurance on your phone. You’re about to be a bridesmaid again — you’re totally popular! You have an amazing rear end, gorgeous lips, great hair and your body takes amazing care of you. Some hero rescued a bus full of kids yesterday, people are fantastic. You have enough money for a roof over your head, plenty of food, Starbucks for days, clothes, a car, healthcare and everything else you need to be healthy, safe and secure. There’s so much stuff you have.

Which way do you want to look at your life? #behappy


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