Stop throwing shade at yourself.

When we stop and pay attention to our own internal dialogue, it’s clear we have a loop of thoughts running through our heads — mostly the same five or six. Like background tunes, but usually way more unpleasant than Kenny G or musak.

For most of us, those “automatic” thoughts are negative and self-critical and generally a load of B.S. Which sucks. Who needs a naysayer talking shit to us all day long?  It’s like having a schoolyard bully assigned to you for a lifetime. But it’s easy to forget the loop is on auto-play. After awhile, you think it’s part of you and you barely even notice its nefarious presence.

But, what we think about determines our experience. So changing those thoughts is everything.

I’ve been working on mine for awhile, and the new, less-bitchy loop I’m hearing is a vast improvement. 😉 This morning, I woke up with self-compassion on the brain, and it felt pretty damn good.

Are your streaming negative thoughts on the daily? Are you tearing yourself down without even realizing it? Are you a self shit-talker? Turn those suckers around. Spread the love. #livecompassion for yourself.

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  1. Julie says:

    Brief but powerful post. I needed the kick in the pants. Thanks!

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