Stop trying and see what happens.

We try too hard. Collectively, it’s how we roll. After all, without desperately striving, seeking, planning and forcing circumstances to go our way, nothing good would ever happen, right? WRONG.

Newsflash: if we let go of the reins a little bit, our trusty steeds can take us to even more amazing destinations.

We’re so invested in this cultural belief that working, trying, striving and breaking our collective backs is the only way to get anywhere that we micro-manage our own lives. And unsurprisingly, things don’t usually go as planned. So what good was all that stress/worry/work?

Turns out, we’ve got it backwards. It’s letting go that leads to magic — not holding on. Being one with the now means being open to the infinite possibilities of the universe. There’s a greater wisdom at work than our itty bitty egos.

I’ve seen it in my own life time and time again. When I let go of worry (often reluctantly for this reformed worrywart) and live for the joy of this moment, magic happens. Money comes from unexpected sources; unforeseen opportunities present themselves; new people come into my life in random and fortuitous ways. Seriously folks, it’s like I’m Lindsay Lohan in Just My Luck. Y’know, when she has the luck.

I think the best things that happen are those we can’t plan for or predict. We can imagine, daydream and visualize sure (and we should), but that’s a whole different mindset than trying desperately to figure everything out and agonizing over HOW we’re going to make something happen.

Let go of the how, be one with the now (rhymies!), and I think you’ll be amazed at what comes flooding into your life. Magic, miracles, abundance and joy! Ryan Gosling doppelgangers, fluffy baby animals, adventures in time and space.

“Bad” things may still happen, but you never know where a seemingly unfortunate situation might lead. Perhaps your trip to the Bog of Eternal Stench will end with David Bowie sexytime.

Have a little faith. Put your trust in things beyond your conscious comprehension. Go with the flow.

The universe has an imagination that puts J.J. Abrams to shame. So let it do its thing and see what wonders await you. Trust, in this case, is warranted. After all, we trust the sun to rise every morning; the tides to rise and fall; oxygen to flow generously into our lungs. Trust it for other stuff, too, and I think you’ll be pretty stoked for what shakes out.

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