Sunshine is my drug of choice.

I love sunshine.

So much so that I might border on heliophilia. Luckily, I’m into the charms of nighttime too, so I’m not about to pick up and relocate to Alaska or Norway so I can sunbathe at 1 a.m. (plus, sunbathing probs isn’t so much fun in a parka. #justsaying)

I think one of the reasons we’re plagued by collective unhappiness is our sedentary, indoor lifestyle. Cubicles, fluorescent lights, air-conditioning, computer monitors — sitting on our asses surrounded by artificial everything is how the wheels of productivity turn in American culture.

But what about the sun on our skin? The wind in our hair? The sound of chirpy birds and rustling leaves and running water? Most of us don’t get nearly enough of any of the above.

There’s a reason why our bods need vitamin D to survive. We’re of this earth. The atoms in our bodies are billions of years old and sprung into existence before the Big Bang (Moby was serious when he said we are all made of stars). We’re an integral part of the natural world and we need it … much as we try to avoid this symbiosis by hiding behind drywall and insulation and double-plated windows. Just ask indigenous cultures. They’re happier than us (for the most part), and they’re BFFs with Mother Earth.

I’ve been working from home for a lotta years. In the days when my depression was at its biggest and baddest, I was spending entire days glued to my computer screen. I would wake up, take my laptop to the couch, work, eat dinner, go to bed. Worst routine in the history of ever. My bod screamed in rebellion. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the sedentary, sunless lifestyle was a major contributor to my misery.

Fast forward to now. If I go a whole day indoors (even after my multi-mile morning walk) — my mood hits rock bottom like Britney Spears circa 2007. I know my body, my moods and myself, and I know that if I’m outside as often as humanly possible in any given day, the sunshine rubs off on me like vegan butter on an ear of corn. Hannah on sunshine = happy Hannah. As my favorite hashtags go: #theoutdoorsaremyeverything and #sunshineismydrugofchoice.

So go get some vitamin D, y’all. I’m willing to bet my firstborn chihuahua that you’re not enjoying nearly enough of it. And dammit, it’s FREE. Even if you live in a less than sunny locale, the outdoors have many charms — not all of which are daylight related. Bottom line is, the outdoors are where it’s at. Integrate a little more fresh air into your daily routine and I guarantee you’ll feel better.

Fini for now. Time to take a walk. <3

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