Tell the people you love how perfect they are.

It’s likely you love a lot of people. But people are imperfect, so you probs don’t so much love their flaws, their foibles, their habits that get on your last, raw, bleeding nerve. THAT SNORING THOUGH.

But here’s the thing — the people you love are perfect. And you should totally tell them so. In fact, you should run your ass over to your nearest loved one and announce that they’re completely, utterly, absolutely awesome and amazing and perfect JUST THE WAY THEY ARE.

They’ll think you’ve gone batshit crazy.

The truth is, no one hears how awesome they are often enough. And they need to.¬†Everyone hears plenty of the opposite — plenty about their flaws and mistakes and areas that need improvement and allllll the bad stuff.

This isn’t bullshit or brown nosing on your part. This is you telling the people you love that they’re wonderful just the way they are. No caveats or requirements. No expectations or demands. Just love. Isn’t that what you’d want them to know if you kicked the proverbial bucket tomorrow?

So just tell ’em they’re perfect. No need to change or “fix” anything or be anyone else. And then tell yourself the same thing. <3

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  1. Dana lent says:

    Hannah – you are perfect!!

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