Things people say that aren’t true.

There are lots of lies circulating out there; myths and parables humanity has been repeating so long they’ve become “facts” to many folks. They’re not facts, any more than it’s a “fact” that you’ll be watching True Blood in your underwear this Sunday night (though you very well might be — I don’t judge).

They’re merely possibilities, along with an infinite number of alternative possibilities.

These are some of my fave recycled statements, endlessly recited by pessimists everywhere:

You can’t do it that way.
You’ll never make it.
Everyone can’t be a winner.
Life is hard.
You have to do it the way it’s always been done.
Because this bad thing happened to that person, it could happen to you.
You’re not good at _________.
It’s in your genes to have bad hair/skin/knees (insert physical condition here).
You can only make X amount of money at the career you’ve chosen.
She/he is out of your league.
You have to do something you hate so you can pay your bills.

None of these are true. They’re generalizations, false assumptions and presumptuous blather. They don’t apply to you … not if you refuse to accept them as the truth.

We all need to stop paying attention to these kinds of statements. They keep us joylessly circling our diminutive fish bowls when there’s a big, bold, limitless world out there. Anything is possible. People prove that every day. It’s only a severe lack of imagination that leads to small-minded mentalities like those above.

Don’t listen. When your spouse tells you your cooking isn’t good enough for Master Chef, don’t listen. When your mother tells you you were born with a bad sense of direction, don’t listen. When your doctor tells you you have a 35% chance of recovery, don’t listen. These people don’t know you. Not really. Only YOU know you, and only you know what you’re capable of.

So the next time someone starts spouting nonsense like the statements above, put your fingers in your ears and hum “la la la can’t hear youuuuuuuuu” (probs just do it mentally, ‘cuz that might not go over in a board meeting). Believe in yourself and close your ears to everything else.

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