Thoughts for the new year: on infinity and beyond.

If we come from a place that is infinite in nature — and we ourselves are eternal — doesn’t it make sense that we’d want to spend time here on earth, where everything is temporary and finite? Variety is the spice of life, and I’d imagine that rings true be it here or somewhere otherworldly.

Wouldn’t we want to experience the vast landscape of what’s limited and physical, if we ourselves are not? If we’re eternally formless, wouldn’t we want to explore form? In that case, we can see the world as one big playground — one experiment in creation and expression and infinite possibilities.┬áHere, on this planet, we can see, do, touch, smell, eat, create and love an endless number of things. But by their very nature, all these things are designed to come and go. There’s pain when they pass and fade — but that too, is temporary. Everything on earth is temporary.

In that case, our only real jobs on this precious planet are to love, to enjoy and to experience the myriad of things, creatures, people and places that surround us. You, in this lifetime, are a totally unique creation of the universe that will never be duplicated. There will never, ever, in the grand schematic of all time and space, be another you exactly as you are. So NOW is the time to be you — with all the excitement, energy and joy you can muster. That, I speculate, is why you’re here. To be yourself. To explore this vast and magical world with your unique and irreplaceable perspective.

Makes sense to me. And sure puts this singular lifetime in perspective. How about you?


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