“The truth is relentless.”

Recently, I was re-reading Neale Donald’s Walsh’s fantastic tome, Conversations With God (seriously, read it if you haven’t), when I came across the following passage: “The truth is relentless.”


Isn’t it though? Like the Miley Cyrus of our subconscious, the truth — our deepest, most authentic desire(s) — is all about getting our attention. When we try to stifle or suffocate it, it will always always always find another way to reach us. The proverbial wrecking ball. It’ll crash any party we attempt to throw. We cannot ignore it.

I’ve seen suppressed truths make themselves known in lots of ugly and unpleasant ways. Extra pounds, shopping addictions, social media obsessions, drunken antics — pick your poison. Most of all, when ignored, it lives within us like a hollow emptiness, a gnawing we can’t quite identify (if we’re not paying attention).

In this short, precious lifetime, there’s nothing more important than living our truth. WHATEVER THAT IS. Hell, I’d argue it’s why we’re here.

The world we live in tries so desperately to distract us. And we, in turn, try so desperately to stay distracted. Hence our 24/7 news cycle, technology addiction, ADD epidemic. But truth is a staunch and tireless soldier. Eventually, it’ll get to us — if only on our deathbed, when it’s too late to heed its wise advice. It’s there to remind us that life is short — and the truth will set us free. It’ll bring us joy and happiness and fulfillment like nothing else.

I can’t speak to your particular truth. It could be the need to escape a poisonous relationship, the desperate wish to leave an unfulfilling career, a lingering desire to cultivate swiss chard and live in a teepee. Whatever it is, it’s yours and it’s valid. And you know it. Even if you’ve done everything in your power to ignore it, it’s there.

Why do so many of us ignore that honest little voice? (It’s also known as intuition, btw.) Probably because it means change and discomfort and letting go. We humans sure as hell don’t like to let go. But it’s the best and most important and wisest thing we can do in our short little lives. Our time on this planet is too brief to live a lie.

And frankly, I think many of us are so distracted, it’s difficult to listen in. Our truth is buried under The Voice episodes, Yelp reviews and hashtags for days.

So be still. Hone those listening skills. Pay attention to yourself. Don’t waste one more minute perpetuating your own misery by ignoring the truth. This could be the catalyst that takes you from caterpillar to butterfly. And who doesn’t want to be a bad ass, beautiful, brilliant butterfly?

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2 Responses

  1. Dana Lent says:

    This is so profound. Thre is always that inner voice that is there to guide us towards self actualization / realization. Why don’t we listen????

    • Shirking Conventions says:

      It ain’t easy! 😉 Sometimes it tells us what we don’t wanna hear. I struggle with that on the daily. But it’s ALWAYS a load off when I listen in and take the leap. <3

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