The universe can speak to you in infinite ways — including through cheesy TV movies.

We’re so damn distracted these days, we wouldn’t hear it if Ryan Gosling were standing in our yard blasting love songs a la Say Anything. Ok, I’m referring to a metaphorical Ryan Gosling and a metaphorical yard — but the point stands. We have so much mindless chatter in our lives, we rarely hear what we really need to hear: our intuition.

Our intuition is all knowing, all wise and all compassionate, and it’s always turned on. It never fails us, but it’s up to us to LISTEN. Not ignore it altogether while we’re obsessing over the latest Buzzfeed list, celebrity nip slip or lengthy stream of inane hashtags in our friends’ Instagram feed. Our intuition is connected to the larger whole — that endless vortex of creativity and energy and brilliance from which we come.

I believe our intuition knows the answer to any question we could possibly ask. Throughout my life, my intuition has NEVER failed me. I, however, have failed it many times by choosing to ignore it, act against it and basically put my fingers in my ears when I didn’t want to hear what it had to say. It knew when I wasn’t in love and should have walked away; it knew what jobs didn’t feed my inner fire; it knew who would enrich my life and who would do the opposite.

When you start actively tuning in to this infinite intelligence, weird things start happening. You start to see, hear and feel messages emerging from the ether. You quickly discover that your intuition (and in turn, the universe) is speaking to you always. It could be speaking through the song lyrics of a new song that pops up on Spotify. It could be through a flyer you find plastered to your windshield. It could be through the random conversation you have with a clerk at Publix. It could even be through a made-for-TV movie starring a former Saved by the Bell cast member. If you think that’s an oddly specific example, read on.

I had an epiphany while watching just such a flick the other night. I’m a Christmas fanatic, so I get a kick out of the cheesy ABC Family holiday lineup. Yeah, most of it falls lower on the quality totum than Twilight — horribly written, badly acted and chock full of cliches. But the flicks give me the warm fuzzies anyway. Hell, you could slap some Christmas lights on a trash can and I’d want to put it in my living room.

So recently, I watched 12 Dates of Christmas. It’s a Groundhog Day-esque tale about a girl who relives Christmas Eve 12 times over, including a blind date (with Zach Morris! Squee!) that always ends in disaster. The plot might seem trite and meaningless to most, but at this particular time in my life — it led to one of those AHHHHHHHHH moments of blinding realization and truth.

I saw myself in the main character (Amy Smart, who, btw, is totally adorbs, always!). In the beginning, she was scared — scared of being hurt, scared of opening up, scared of shedding her armor and forging ahead into the unknown. I can relate. I think most of us can. But little by little, she opens her heart to those around her; to people she meets on the street; to her next-door neighbor, to fellow lost souls and eventually, to love.

That wasn’t all. There was a quote from Henry David Thoreau — my literary soulmate (whose work is highly unlikely to appear in anything on ABC Family). There was a line about fear and yet another about self-esteem, both of which seemed written for me. Lots of sparkly lights. Stray puppies. NYC at Christmas. Snow. So many things I love. But my point is this: I’ve been listening to my intuition as of late; asking the universe to show me what I need to see; looking for hints and clues and timely messages to serve as North stars in my sky.

I’ve learned that those Easter eggs can show up anywhere, anytime, through anyone or anything — and this was proof. I learned a valuable lesson from this cheesy flick: a message of love, connection and letting go of fear.

At the end of 12 Dates of Christmas, I was bawling. Happy tears. I think it’s officially replaced 9 1/2 Weeks in my roster of all time favorite flicks.

The universe knows best, and it knows the best way to reach me is through Christmas carols and twinkly lights — so that’s one of the many paths it chose. I’d advise everyone to listen up — it just might have a message for you in your BFF’s morning Bitstrip or the latest episode of The Voice. Anything is possible, when you’re tuned to the frequency of you.

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