Using love to ditch a bad mood.

Bad moods: they’re the bane of human existence.  Like being swept up by the tide or trapped in a loop of Netflix binge-watching, they can feel totally overwhelming and unavoidable. I know.

There are plenty of techniques to snap you out of such a mood. If you feel like wallowing, however (as we all do, on occasion), you should probs turn to Ben & Jerry for assistance.

But if you’re into feeling better ASAP, here’s a favorite strategy of mine. It never fails.

Step 1: Get a pad and paper.
Step 2: Write a list of things you love. People, animals, objects, places, ideas, books, movies,  — anything and everything that makes your heart swell. Keep writing till your soul runs out of stuff.
Step 3: Visualize these things. Imagine them in your mind’s eye. Think about how it feels when you have them and hold them and hug them. Remember why you adore these things and people and places. Imagine, daydream, rhapsodize. FEEL the feels.
Step 4: Bad mood, begone.

You can’t feel bad when your attention is on the things you love. You simply cannot. If you do, part of your mind is still elsewhere, on the rack in the Pit of Despair.

Turn your entire awareness to the things you love, and you will feel better. I promise.

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