What depression feels like, in a series of GIFs.


It’s hard to describe what depression feels like. In words, anyway. Animated images might do a better job.

So to illustrate, here are some of the things depression feels like:

Falling into quicksand. quicksand-o Drowning. tumbler-drowing-guy Being buried alive. a-little-help Having something awful living inside you. the-possession-o Abject disappointment. les-miserables Being ambushed. ambush Total isolation. kingdom-of-isolation Getting hopelessly lost. wonka-lost Faceplanting. woman-dancing Having a monster breathing down your neck. mfw-someone-with-bad-breath-talks-to-me-92421

Being tortured.


In conclusion:


In other words, depression is a major, mega, serious bummer. The good news, however, is that there are ways out. There is help, there is hope, there is redemption. It’s not all quicksand and devil possessions.

For anyone who needs it, here are a few lifelines. And there are always more where that came from, loves. <3

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