Here’s what happy people do differently at work.

Lots of people believe that work is standing in the way of their happiness. That, IF ONLY they could win the lottery, snag the job of their dreams, get an enormous raise, THEN happiness would be bestowed upon them like a gift from the Gods.

But the idea that any external circumstance is the sole determiner of happiness is a lie. A lie lots of people believe, but a lie nonetheless. This is the IF, THEN trap, and plenty of people fall into it, particularly in our materialistic culture. Acquiring stuff makes us happy, right?

WRONG. And the same goes for acquiring the perfect job.

I’m not saying work doesn’t affect your state of mind — of course it does. But it’s not the cause of or solution to all your ills. You take yourself to work, so happy or unhappy, that state of mind is likely to follow you straight to your desk. So on that note, here’s what happy people do different at work:

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