Why being honest with yourself might be the hardest part about getting happy.

For many people, believing they’re at the mercy of a cruel and merciless world is a crutch to lean on — a way to absolve themselves of the seemingly terrifying responsibility over their own existence.

Make no bones about it, it can be terrifying. Knowing you’re the one at the helm is a heavy burden.

But one of the many things happy people have in common is this: they’re not victims.

This doesn’t mean they’ve never endured unpleasant circumstances. It means they’ve never been CONTROLLED by unpleasant circumstances.

Victimhood = unhappiness. If you buy into being a victim, you’re at the mercy of everyone else — fate, other people’s issues, planetary alignment, the wind — whatever blows across your path.

Without self-empowerment, the world can (and likely will) crush you.

The painful truth is, many people will do anything to avoid self-empowerment. Taking responsibility for your life, in all its infinite complexity, for better or worse, is the motherload of responsibility.

Often, it’s easier to point the finger elsewhere.

Ironically, as hard as you try to absolve yourself of responsibility, it’s yours anyway. Whether your life is awesome or awesomely disappointing — that’s all you, baby.

THIS is why being honest with yourself might be the hardest thing you ever do.

Taking a good, hard look at your life, your circumstances, your state of mind — is it where you want it to be? Are you happy? If not, are you blaming others or the world or shitty genes for your unhappiness? If so, you’re lying to yourself.


Knowing so is the mega huge first step to blossoming into your glorious, singular self.

Until you realize that you’re the one behind the curtain — the puppet master, conductor and foreman of your own existence, happiness will always outwit you.

So be honest with yourself. Face the possibly-painful truth. Muster up all your courage and stare it down. Because you’ve got the power, and owning it is the best thing you’ll ever do.

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