Why an appreciation journal is a great idea.

Journals. They’re so fifth grade. 90s girls, remember the Girltech Password Journal? That may have been the last time you wrote anything besides a term paper or grocery list.

And if you’re a dude, well, you may have thought journals were just for the female sex (try telling that to Mark Twain or Thomas Jefferson).

Regardless of your history with journaling, I’m here to suggest you start one right now: a very specific kind of journal. A journal of appreciation.

Gratitude journals are a thing, and I’m all for ’em. But as semantics go, I’m an even bigger fan of appreciation. Appreciation can be extended to anyone, anything, anytime — the tiniest circumstances, creatures and pockets of creation. And appreciation feels amazing.

There are apps for this, but I suggest putting pen to paper. There’s something about the process of writing … not swiping your finger across a screen, but actual, tactile writing. It’s powerful. Get a journal you can carry around easily — even a tiny little drugstore notebook would work. Every time you find something to appreciate, write it down. Or, set aside a chunk of time each day to record all your appreciation at once — before bed, or when you wake up. It’s a hell of a way to start your day.

Science says that the practice of gratitude (or appreciation) has serious health benefits. IE: “Stronger immune systems and lower blood pressure; higher levels of positive emotions; more joy, optimism, and happiness; acting with more generosity and compassion; feeling less lonely and isolated” — to name a few.

I’d say that’s all the incentive you should need. Go out and buy your notebook (and a pen) today.  I think you’ll find that the daily practice of appreciation will encourage all kinds of good feels. Oh, and have I mentioned how much I appreciate y’all, dear readers? 😉

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