You are not alone.

You are not alone.


I know you feel alone. You feel alone when you’re curled up on the bathroom floor, crying hysterically, wishing you could just die already. You feel alone when you’re lying catatonic on the couch for hours, convinced you’re too worthless to function. You feel alone when you’re at a party, smiling and nodding politely, your eyes dull and your heart screaming obscenities.

There are so many moments when you feel utterly, completely, abjectly alone.

You think you’re the only one who feels this way, who feels like the world is so big and bad and terrifying that you can’t handle living in it — like you’re so inadequate that you don’t deserve love or affection or respect — like you’ll never be OK or normal or happy like everyone else. Like it’s you against the world.

You think you have to hide. You think you’re so alone that you have to build walls around yourself to keep the others out. You think that you can’t allow yourself to seep out through the cracks in the facade you’ve cultivated. You think you have to play shiny, happy someone so no one will get a glimpse at the real you; the desperate, lonely, scared you. You think they won’t understand.

But these are just stories you’re telling yourself. And stories start with thoughts, and thoughts are often lies.

These are lies.

You are not alone. There are SO MANY people who feel exactly as you do. SO MANY. You have no idea how many. They’re walking around wearing a mask, just like you are, feeling alone and isolated and sad. So sad.

But you’re not weird or broken or inadequate. And neither are they. You’re whole and complete and perfect just as you are.

It’s your thoughts that convince you otherwise. Don’t believe them.

Buck up, buttercup. There’s a lot of us in this with you. And every moment is a chance to turn it all around; a chance to embrace new stories, new connections, new thoughts. To find the good feels and let the old lies go. We’re with you, all the way. <3

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  1. Michaela says:

    Thanks, Hannah – it was so good to read that and definitely made me feel less alone. I so appreciate your encouraging words!

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